Persian manual

Mā fārsi balad‐im!we know / speak Persian’ is an open source Persian manual by Hamid Farroukh, PhD serving at the Iranian Society in Frankfurt (Germany).

The methodological advantage of this manual is that its original layout is set up entirely in Persian. With this approach, the author continues the honourable tradition of self-explained handbooks headed of course by the “Lingua latina per se illustrata” by Hans H. Ørberg.

The didactic committee of the FIAS contributes to teaching Persian to target audiences of different L1 background, and feels the need for such manuals. We decided to transpose Dr. Farroukh’s approach further to produce a suite of open access manuals of Persian based on the original material.

The teaching staff is now preparing French and Russian versions of the manual, please visit

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Persian manual - Committee on language planning, FIAS.